Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Founder Brands:

What’s the Secret to Selling
a $100k+ Offer in This
Unpredictable Economy?

I'll show you how our clients are selling $100k, $500k, even Million-Dollar offers without a big audience.


"1M in two offers - done!"
“My original dream was to have a Family Office. This is accelerating now into reality. In the last two weeks, we have signed TWO clients at $500K each. So, we've just secured $1M in highly profitable, booked revenue.”


Give me a couple of hours and I'll hand you the blueprint that has grown wildly impactful Iconic businesses without a big following...

By the time we are done, you will discover how my clients are be able to...
  • Position themselves as a premium, one-of-a-Kind solution within their niche and make competition irrelevant
  • Build a brand that attracts and resonates ONLY with high-end clients (and disqualifies everyone else)
  • Start charging $100K+ for their offers - and actually get it, without any “are you crazy?” looks
  • Work with a few hand-selected clients who value their expertise - instead of 1000s+ mediocre clients giving them headaches
  • Stop chasing mainstream clients… take care of their finances with just a handful of clients… And then focus all their time and effort on producing their best work
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